TSEBO Is Hiring: Handyman – Cape Town, South Africa


Duties & Responsibilities

Undertake Planned Preventative Maintenance Tasks allocated by the Senior Technician.

Undertake Re-active Maintenance Tasks and Repairs allocated by the Senior Technician.

Ensure that best Operating Practice is applied when undertaking Maintenance Tasks / Repairs.

Provide a list of required materials to Senior Technician to enable successful execution of Maintenance Tasks.

Complete and issue Check Sheets to Senior Technician on a weekly basis.

Assist in keeping Workshop tidy and presentable

Tasks related to maintenance, repairs, replacement and instalation

Plumbing repairs: Fix leaks, replacing faucets, unclagging drains, repairing or replacing lights.

Electrical Work: Replacing lights.

Carpentry: Repairing or installing cabinets, shelves, doors, windows, and trim work; building or repairing furnitur; fixing or replacing damaged woodwork

Painting: Preparing surfaces, patching holes, applying primer and paint, selecting nad maintaining paint colours, touch up work.

Drywall repairs: Patching holes, repairing cracks, applying joint compound, sanding and preparing surfacefor painting.

looring: Installing or repairing laminate, vinyl or tile flooring, repairing or replacing damaged floorboards, carpet installation or repairs.

General maintenance: Perfoming routine maintenace tasks,

Shelving and storage: Building and installing shelves organizing storage spaces, installing hooks or racks.

Exterior Maintenace: Cleaning gutters, power washing surfaces, repairing fences or gats, maintaining outdoor tructures.

Assembly: Putting together furniture, equipment or other items.

Transport of fellow employees

Four work orders per day on average

Skills and Competencies

Good knowledge of electrical fixtures, fittings, repairs and maintenance thereof

Good knowledge of plumbing fixtures, fittings, repairs and maintenance thereof

Good knowledge of carpentry fixtures, fittings, repairs and maintenance thereof

Knowledge of tools and materials used in the assigned area of responsibility

Understand and follow oral and written instructions

Ability to plan, organise and control own work effort

Good people skills

Excellent customer relation skills


Work Planning

Oral Communication

Emotional Resilience

Customer Focus

Conflict Handling skills


Grade 12

A drivers licence will be advantage

3 year experience

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