Systems Auditor in Johannesburg, Gauteng At Nandos

We are looking to hire a brilliant Systems Auditor to join our diverse team at Nandos Careers in Johannesburg, Gauteng. Growing your career as a Full Time Systems Auditor is an awesome opportunity to develop productive skills. If you are strong in adaptability, decision-making and have the right experience for the job, then apply for the position of Systems Auditor at Nandos Careers today!

Nandos Casa

Central Kitchen The System Auditor is required to assess restaurant operations within Nando’s Southern Africa by conducting internal audits on food safety, standards of operations, quality control and health and safety in order to determine the level of compliance, to set standards and operational requirements.

Minimum Requirements

• 2 – 3 years’ experience in auditing or quality management in a QSR environment

• 5 years’ experience in the management of a quick service restaurant (QSR)

• Driver’s License

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• Own Vehicle

Duties and Responsibilities

Operations and Compliance Management

  • Review and evaluate internal controls related to processes, operations, procedures and records in terms of the Nando’s Southern Africa standards and operational requirements
  • Perform audits in accordance with the standards and methodology of the Nando’s Audit Programme
    • Conduct unannounced audits in accordance with the audit schedule and priorities •
    Schedule and plan audits, including communicating with all the relevant stakeholders •
    Act as an objective source of independent advice on non-conformance to ensure validity, legality and goal achievement

  • Participate in the development of revised Escudo (Promise of quality) protocol based on information gathered during previous audits
    • Conduct in-restaurant quality control checks of selected incoming raw materials according to the set specifications
  • Communicate non-conformances to the relevant stakeholders
    • Make recommendations in line with audit findings
  • Identify recurring trends with regards to non-conformances and makes recommendations for improvements
    • Identify the root causes of non-conformances and recommends corrective action mechanisms where the recurrence trends are high
  • Monitor and provide feedback on improvements of non-conformances
    • Participate in continuous improvement of the audit systems
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Records Management and Reporting

  • Compile final audit reports to the relevant stakeholders
    • Maintain records and updating the relevant audit databases
  • Participate in the update of the audit application.
    • Summarise audit objectives, scope, findings, conclusions and management responses
    • Evaluate the adequacy and timeliness of the response and corrective action taken on significant audit recommendations
    • Review and respond to queries from casas following an audit Stakeholder and Relationship Management
    • Engage a variety of stakeholders and manage their expectations through regular communications
    • Make and agree on recommendations with relevant stakeholders in order to improve operations
  • Participate in Casa (restaurant) Support Impact teams as and when required
    • Provide advice and guidance to managers and staff at all levels with regards to non-conformance
  • Provide support and guidance to management on how to manage improvement opportunities.
    • Knowledge of audit procedures management systems (Intermediate)
    • Knowledge of food safety practices (Advanced)
  • Knowledge of sanitation and hygiene practices control (Advanced)
    • Knowledge of restaurant operations including people, product and customer processes (Advanced)
  • Knowledge of document management and control (Intermediate)
    • Report writing skills (Advanced) (Intermediate)
  • Analytical and investigatory skills (Advanced)
    • Oral and written communication skills (Intermediate)(Advanced)
    • Facilitation skills (Intermediate)
    • Microsoft Office skills (Intermediate) Benefits of working as a Systems Auditor in Johannesburg, Gauteng:
    ● Excellent benefits
    ● Company offers career progression opportunities
    ● Advantageous package

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