Project Coordinator: Pedros Flame Grilled Chicken

Job Description


  1. Maintain and prepare all correspondence (written and electronic) and project documentation.
  2. Ensure that all projects are completed on time and meet high quality standards.
  3. Act on tasks from our internal team to assist with schedule management.
  4. Ensure that clients’ needs are met as projects evolve.
  5. Monitor project progress and handle any issues that arise.
  6. Act as the point of contact and communicate project status to all participants.
  7. Answer phones when necessary.
  8. Issue all appropriate legal paperwork (e.g. subcontracts and change orders).


  1. Must have 2 years exposure to a project environment.
  2. Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  3. Attention to detail.
  4. High competency with Excel and MS Word.
  5. Deal with multiple stakeholders simultaneously.
  6. Must have good time management skills.
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