Growth Analyst – LMS Specialist

Job Description

Growth Analyst – LMS Specialist

Our Growth Analytics team works closely with the Sales and Marketing teams to help deliver on growth projects for the company. The team is responsible for advanced analytics, predictive models and providing insights, with the intention of improving overall conversions. Along with strong analytical capabilities, Growth Analysts have excellent communication skills and are able to communicate insights and results back to business.

The LMS Specialist will assist with four main areas, namely: the management of LMS, lead source management, Outbound, and the monitoring of model rollouts. The management of LMS means that the individual will monitor and adjust dialling rules, monitor quality of leads in LMS, and create and maintain user groups etc. To achieve this, the LMS Specialist will need to work well with IT, the Dev team, and Projects, to carry out initiatives. Lead source management involves assisting with the creation of new campaigns and ensuring that core visualisation tools (e.g., Funnel reports, TV Screens) are updated accordingly. The Outbound element includes moving teams to relevant campaigns as and when needed and ensuring that teams are working on the correct lists. Finally, a core function of the LMS Specialist role is to ensure that new models implemented, in collaboration with the Data Scientist, are monitored and visibility is given to key stakeholders.

The role will entail:

  • Providing actionable insights that will drive growth
  • Independent management of LMS rules from a business expectation perspective
  • Ownership of lead dialling and prioritisation rules
  • Maintain and improve lead source management practices
  • Action changes on lead source visualisations and reports
  • Monitor and report on lead pool status and quality
  • Implement Outbound strategy and list activities
  • Develop monitoring for any models rolled out within the onboarding area
  • Presenting insights and performance history on a weekly/monthly basis
  • Conducting investigations and analysis for senior management
  • Ad hoc projects from Team Leaders

Desired Background:

  • 2-3 years of experience in analytics
  • 1-2 years of experience in SQL
  • Practical experience in problem solving and delivering insights
  • Knowledge of various analytical tools
  • Ability to work with large datasets
  • Experience with data visualisation tools
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office Tools
  • Great communication and presentation skills

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