Intermediate Mobile Developer

Job Description

MTS’s external Medical Practice Management solutions client is looking for an Intermediate Mobile Developer to join their team. As Intermediate Mobile Developer you will be responsible for developing, enhancing, and maintaining the mobile version of the product using Xamarin.Forms. You will work closely with the development team, utilizing your skills in Xamarin.Forms, C#, and .NET to deliver a high-quality mobile application for Android and iOS/iPadOS mobile devices.


  • Develop, enhance, and maintain the mobile version of the product using Xamarin.Forms, C#, and .NET.
  • Collaborate with the development team to identify and resolve issues and enhance the functionality of the mobile application, providing production support in troubleshooting, issue resolution, and root cause analysis to resolve any defects that may arise.
  • Work with the projects team to implement designs and ensure the quality of the user interface and user experience of the mobile application.
  • Refactor and enhance existing mobile application software based on software requirement specifications and coding standards.
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  • Keep up-to-date with the latest industry trends and best practices in mobile development to ensure that the mobile version of the product remains innovative and competitive.
  • Continuously improve code quality by following coding standards, writing clean code, and participating in code reviews.
  • Ensure that the solutions developed are aligned with the company’s security and compliance requirements.
  • Work alongside testers to test, debug, and improve faulty application code, identifying bottlenecks and bugs, and devising solutions to these issues.


4+ Years’ experience developing mobile applications using Xamarin.Forms, C#, and .NET.

  • Experience in mobile development using Forms for both Android and iOS/iPadOS.
  • Experience publishing mobile applications to Google Play and Apple App Store.
  • Familiarity with mobile design patterns such as MVC, MVVM, and MVP.
  • Experience in using SQLite and other mobile data storage solutions.
  • Understanding of RESTful web services and JSON data formats.
  • Grade 12/Matric mathematics at higher grade.
  • Experience using Microsoft Visual Studio.
  • Ability to write clean and maintainable code that is easy to understand and modify.
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  • Bachelor’s degree in computer science or related field.
  • Experience with mobile application performance optimization techniques such as lazy loading, image optimization, and code minification.
  • Experience with third-party libraries and APIs such as Firebase and Google Maps.
  • Knowledge of mobile security best practices.
  • Experience with Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) practices.
  • Experience working in the medical, financial, or insurance industry.

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